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Personal MD provides several resources for our patients’ convenience, including personal electronic health records (EHR) and downloadable patient forms to complete outside our office.

Personal MD is not tied to a specific hospital or insurance provider, giving patients more health care options. We also offer:

  • Fee payment plans
  • Discounted fees for multiple family members
  • Assistance with insurance paperwork
  • Assistance with negotiating better medical test costs for self-paying patients
  • Assistance with appealing insurance denials

Patient Portal >
“Passing the age of 50 brings a host of new physical challenges. It is comforting and reassuring to be able to take the tough questions about these body changes to my Dr. Milks in confidence and receive immediate, expert advice. Not having to wait for medical attention when you want or need it is so important to emotional health. Getting expert answers to our medical questions in a timely way is the key reason our family chose Personal MD. I also value the range of services I have received from Personal MD. We have received skillful medical care for our elderly mother as well as for our teenage son. Personal MD has been a literal lifesaver for all of us.”
--A patient
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