Joining the Personal MD Family

We would love to meet you and discuss what our practice has to offer. We offer a complimentary 30-minute “Meet and Greet” where you can see the office and meet the staff and your potential new physician.

During the meeting, we’ll do a deep dive into our services and review your current medical conditions. You can sign up the same day, or you can review the materials at home and decide at a later time.

If you would like to proceed, please give our office a call at (614) 933-9100. We can usually get a “Meet and Greet” scheduled within 2-5 business days.

Investing in Concierge Medicine

We take your health seriously and our goal is to provide excellent total health management.

We also understand that concierge medicine is an investment. That’s why we strive to be transparent in what that investment consists of and what services are provided:

  • There is an annual retainer for office membership.
  • Rates differ for single, couple, child under 26 years old, or family with up to 4 children.
  • Plans are available for monthly or quarterly home or facility visits.
  • Your fee can be paid all at once, monthly, quarterly or bi-annually.
  • We accept cash, all major credit cards, ACH payments, and checks.
  • Your fee is prorated based on the month you sign up.

If you’d like more information, please call our office at (614) 933-9100.

We do accept most major medical insurance plans, including Medicare, but we do not accept Medicaid. If you have copays or deductibles through your health insurance, you will still be responsible for those costs. If you have a Marketplace plan, please bring that up at your Meet and Greet and we can confirm if we are in-network.