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A Patient’s Story: Why She Chose Personal MD

My family has been in the PersonalMD family for more than 23 years, and it’s been an unbelievable, life-changing partnership. I thought hearing my story might give you a glimpse into what it’s like to have a doctor in the family.

I remember the first time I met Dr. Milks and Deb: they had just started an OSU Family Practice in New Albany and we were new to the community as well.

My first visit was pretty memorable as I had gotten one of the worst cases of poison ivy in my life. I had waited too long to have it looked at, so my right leg had swollen to twice the size of the left.

I remember two things about that first experience:


they saw me within the hour, fitting me in even though they were swamped

...and second,

they were just so darn kind and helpful.

I had never experienced anything like it and was so touched by the experience that I sent them flowers to say thank you.

I also recall when Dr. Milks and Deb told me they wanted to start a concierge medicine practice.

I had never heard of concierge medicine at that point, but their rationale was interesting, and it made sense, knowing them. They’re exactly the kind of people who would want to spend time taking better care of their patients.

They wanted to make official what I’d known about them since my first visit. If you needed them – they would be there for you.

As the years progressed, Personal MD began taking care of not only my husband and I, but our 4 kids as well. They were instrumental in helping us with the hundreds – yes, hundreds – of forms and tests we needed to adopt our youngest from Russia. And when my mother-in-law came to live with us, they provided the highest level of care throughout the last few years of her life.

Dr. Milks helped us discover that my mother-in-law was actually overmedicated from seeing so many different physicians over the years. After having different doctors give so little attention to so many little things – bladder infections, strep throat, frozen shoulder, sports physicals, a skin spot that another doctor told me was melanoma (it wasn’t), and more poison ivy – their attention to detail and to her care was truly a miracle for us.

If that wasn’t enough, the story that I am most thankful for was about 4 years ago when our son was experiencing serious depression and talking about ending his life. Dr. Milks agreed to see us and our son immediately, and had us visit him at his home on a weekend for an evaluation. It was the most scared I have ever been, but I knew we were in the right place.

Our health is the most precious gift we have. Thankfully, I’ve been able to trust my family’s health to Personal MD. The entire family at Personal MD has been part of ours for years now, and we are eternally grateful for their care, love, and support.